20. Seville. Spain
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Paper Mosaic Sculptures  by Gunjan Aylawadi

Paper artist Gunjan Aylawadi is based in Sydney, Australia. She uses a unique method of paper cutting and curling, adding layers of texture to get sculptural form with her hand made work. The process has been a long time of research and experiment and now she can give shape to her ideas with a very detailed and original style!
She actually shows large paper mosaic installations at the “He Made She Made” gallery, Darlinghurst, 70 Oxford street, Sydney.

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Macabre painting byDavide De Agostini

The work of Davide De Agostini is the story of past and lost humanity. It is the story of the dissolution of the forgotten memory and screaming, sore and dumb, to be recalled to memory, and fade for fear of being recognized for what it has become. It is the presence of witnesses silent, patient, invisible but sometimes guessed, passive in their solitude, active in the simple existence, and waiting for eternity.