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Le he puesto el cuerno a mi novio y me ha gustado más con la persona que se lo puse, ¿que hago?


Le has puesto los cuernos. Tu novio no es un unicornio.

Y no me preguntes qué hacer a mí, que no es mi novio. Tú verás el tipo de persona que quieres ser. Infiel ya lo eres, así que ahora decide si quieres ser sincera o no. Y si quieres seguir con él o no.

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Marie-Pascale Gautheron

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The term ‘go big or go home’ springs to mind when I view the work of  Marie-Pascale Gautheron. Or better yet ‘ go mental or go home’ because these skull creations are just that. Mental. As you can tell, this young French artist has a massive love for skulls. Her hand drawn/painted skulls are covered with psychedelic colours amongst a constellation of patterns. The faceted skull, which I initially thought was small, is actually a large scale paper construction which has been meticulously painted. Yes the work of Marie-Pascale is particularly dazzling.

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How do you rhyme in a sign language?

This video from Awti, an ASL storyteller, demonstrates how you could create rhymes using signs. According to his website, he’s hearing and was raised in a deaf family, so I’d think he’d have a pretty informed perspective on this question. 

I went into more detail about rhyme and rhythm in ASL on Lexicon Valley, including videos of an ASL interpreter rap battle as well as an example of a finger fumbler (the sign language equivalent of a tongue twister). And judging from the comments on the video, it looks like this may end up inspiring some people to create poetry or songs directly in ASL, without translation, which would be great.